Monday, September 30, 2013

Paris Hilton in Prada

Yes. Paris Hilton is still alive. And she's still making appearances. She was interviewed by Alexa Chung for the release of her new single, Good Time featuring Lil Wayne. From the photo, I think you know that this one is from Prada right? :)
Prada SPR 04PS

I like this. This is from the Portrait collection. And it's because I love cat eyes. I also want this soooooo bad. Prada consistently brings it on the eyewear game. This one can be paired with your cocktail dress and go on a night out (yes even with shades on) or dress up your tee+ jeans combo. Buy them here.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gwen Stefani in Versace

Gwen is seen here looking stylish (like always) and I'm sure you know what sunglasses she is wearing by now. It's VERSACE.
This pair has been spotted on a lot of celebs like Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Emma Stone. Obviously, Gwen works them the most. This looks like a 5 out of 5 pair already! :)

So these are the Versace 4253 sunglasses. What can I say? They're a great variation to the cat eye shape and that Versace Medusa and Greek detail on the temples is screaming "VERSACE!" And I can't help but covet it. If you want it too, buy them at Otticanet right here.

Rating: 4 out of 5- Almost perfect!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Heidi Klum in Gucci Sunglasses

Heidi Klum is sprucing up her airport style with some Gucci shades.
 Heidi Klum in Gucci Sunglasses
 Heidi Klum in Gucci Sunglasses
 Heidi Klum in Gucci Sunglasses
 Heidi Klum in Gucci Sunglasses

So, I love wayfarer shapes and this one is a acetate + metal hybrid sunglasses. PERFECT COMBINATION! I love how Heidi styled this opting for metallics to complement the sunnies and the leather jacket and camo top and pants! I must say this style is perfection. This is a pair that you can wear for seasons because they're not too trendy. And they're Gucci so invest! :)

Buy them here.

Rating 4 out of 5 - Almost perfect!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ke$ha in Miu Miu Sunglasses

Look at Ke$ha, she looks good for herself if I say so myself. I even kinda like her hair although I don't like the color of her shoes.

So what sunglasses did she wear?
Miu Miu SMU 06O sunglasses in turquoise

Photos courtesy of Dailymail,, and otticanet

Based from the shape, I think you would figure it out that it's Miu Miu. What I love about this one is the color and it has a velvety texture. I like this one and Miu Miu has 2 other pentagon sunglasses alternatives, the Miu Miu SMU 11N and SMU 53N. Buy them here.

Rating 4 out of 5 - Almost perfect!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Miley Cyrus in Maria Ke Fisherman

So you wanna know where to get Miley Cyrus' iHeartRadio Music Festival outfit? No? I thought so. But let's just entertain the people who do.

Miley Cyrus wore this provocative number at the iHeartRadio Music Festival by Maria Ke Fisherman.

Check her Facebook page here:

According to her site, this is a custom made crochet and faux fur (at least it's faux fur) dress(?).
Photos are not mine (taken from Maria Ke Fisherman's Facebook page, JustJared, etc.)

 I thought she would retire the tongue. Oh well....

Ok, so this is a girl who can get any dress her heart desires. Heck, she's friends with Marc Jacobs. What's wrong with his designs? Oh Miley's growing up? To me, she's acting like a child. A child who's hungry for sex or attention or something. I grew up too but  I didn't succumb to being naked. I know it's hard to grow up in front of the camera and she has an unstable family but really, doesn't she have enough mind to put 2 and 2 together (hello Lindsay, hello Amanda!)???

I think if you want to show off your body, there are a lot more classier clothes to show them. And you can grow up and be sexy without looking like this. I love your songs We Can't Stop and Wrecking Ball Miley so I hope you clean up your act. At least Madonna was brave enough to say "I'm exploring my sexual side, doesn't anyone?" I mean, you haven't given us an explanation. You owe your impressionable fans. You don't have to be a role model but just feel the need to be responsible to make the world a better place. There are a lot of teenage pregnancies and rape cases and wearing suggestive outfits like that doesn't really help.

Sorry for the long post. Anyways, good luck to both Miley and Maria Ke Fisherman. I wish you both success, please do it in a less slutty way. THANKS! :D

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Britney Spears in Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses

So we have another edition of Celebrity Sunglasses Finder. We have good ol' Brit Brit in some Roberto Cavalli shield sunglasses. This was during her GMA announcement of her residency in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas called Britney Spears: Piece of Me. I am super excited for this. I hope there's a DVD because it's so obvious I would not be able to see it. Also, her new single Work Bitch is on repeat in my iPod. I mean, can that song get any catchier? PARTY MODE ON!

Britney  Spears in Roberto Cavalli Mirihi Sunglasses

Since this pair of sunglasses has been on my wishlist, it's gonna rate high. Haha! It's a different take on the shield shape and that snake detailing on the temple, classic Roberto Cavalli! I super love this sunglasses. Unfortunately, I cannot find this in the Philippines so online? Haha! Good luck to the customs fee. Haha!

It's a great shape that's not very loud but loud enough for rockstars. Even Cara Delevigne was spotted in this pair.

Buy them here.

Rating 5 out of 5 -TO DIE FOR!

And if you're living under a rock, here is Britney's new single, Work Bitch. Album's coming out in December 3 and rumored album name is "All Eyes on Me."

Friday, September 6, 2013

Move over #ARTPOP make way for the Killer Queen, Katy Perry with her #Prism #Roar

#Roar by Katy Perry is here y'all and it's much better than Applause, like light years away. Anyways, here it is. I love the concept although that Nokia product placement seemed off. Anyways, whatevs. SHE'S AMAZING. Ugh. Love you gurl! :D

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kim Kardashian on the Cover of CR Fashion Book 3

Carine Roitfeld continues to be irreverent putting Kim Kardashian on the cover. And we should've seen this coming. Kim is dating Kanye, who is like Tisci's bff and Riccardo Tisci is the art director of this issue. And it was shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Great job making her look ugly and bloated. I know she's pregnant but really, I think she got collagen on her lips. I mean, it didn't look like that before. I am yearning for the day she becomes irrelevant. Anyways, see and weep.