Monday, November 25, 2013

Wood Sunglasses (Woodzee and Robert Movadi Private Selection Wine Barrel Sunglasses)

There is a trend of sunglasses made of wood now. I think this is for the fact of environment conservation. Acetate is plastic and can be harmful (although Stella McCartney has been releasing sustainable ones but they're just almost 50% sustainable) so I guess wood is the best way. But they are waterproof so don't worry. :)

So Woodzee collaborated with Winery Robert Mondavi Private Selection. They had their oak barrels become the material for the sunglasses. Each frame is distinctively tinted due to contact with the wine (of course they won't be consistent.)

This is taken from

One California winemaker has collaborated with a local sunglass company on a line of eyewear made from recycled wine barrels.
The $120 shades, which have been produced in limited-edition quantities, are even wine-tinted - courtesy of the barrels’ former life as a wine aging receptacle.

Winery Robert Mondavi Private Selection, based off of the Central Californian Coast, decided to lend his oak barrels to a higher purpose.

The label has teamed up with Woodzee, a California-based eyeglass company that has previously turned the likes of skateboard decks and bamboo reeds into wooden frames.
The result of their union is a unisex pair of glasses, designed in a Wayfarer-type shape.
The glasses come in four lens colors: bronze, grey, reflective blue, and reflective green.
Each includes a barrel logo on its temple as a sign of its recycled past.
The glasses’ oak wood barrel frames are even ‘distinctively’ tinted, thanks to their contact with the wine label’s Coastal Crush Red variety.
‘Working with Robert Mondavi Private Selection was a natural fit,’ Woodzee co-founder Luke Winter said in a release.

Winemaking is so tied to the earth, and we couldn’t wait to see how we could take the oak wine barrels and make something really exciting from them,’ he continued.The excitement is mutual. Robert Mondavi Private Selection Winemaker Rick Boyer said of Woodzee: ‘It’s been great giving the barrels a new life by recycling our wood for Woodzee sunglasses.’
The glasses will be available for purchase through Woodzee’s website.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Isabel Marant for Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

So, I announced this last month because Isabel Marant said so in her interview. While, no official announcement and photos have been released, I'm pretty sure you might be wondering what "very LA" sunglasses are. I was wise enough to look at the backstage shots of the Isabel Marant Spring 2014 show and lo and behold. I found them!

Have a look (Photos courtesy of,, Google Images :) )

So far,  I see two shapes: round and aviators in lightly tinted lens, rose colored lens (obsessed with that) and gold mirrored lens (obsessed with that as well). They're not the most ground breaking but it fits the Marant boho rocker chic vibe. I think there will only be 2 styles. If we recall the Balmain x Oliver Peoples collection, there were only 2 as well so I think this will be the same for this one. Although I am wishing for an acetate pair like some cat eye/wayfarer hybrid shape. I'm a sucker for those.

Will you buy the Isabel Marant x Oliver Peoples sunglasses?


Saturday, November 23, 2013

I've been out for a while... A LONG WHILE

So, I have not been blogging for a while. Been very busy at work so when I go home, I rest.

Apparently, Lou Reed died and I posted a blog about his collab with Illesteva being a ripoff of Westward Leaning. I wish them peace but I will not change my opinion just because someone died.

Anyways, I'll be posting updates maybe daily (not sure) and I still don't know if I'll be posting outfit shots. I want this blog to be about sunglasses (although I love dressing up) but we'll see. :)

Oh yeah, I read "Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster" by Dana Thomas. It's good! Read it! :)