Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zalora Item of the Week

Oooohhh!!! It's that time again... Zalora Items of the Week. Have you shopped at Zalora yet? If not, then go sign up to get an exclusive Php 250 voucher! GO!
And to get you started...

The ber months are coming but that doesn't mean you can't wear floral inspired outfits when you're going out to party or to just go outdoors and smell the roses and savor the sun.

When going to a party, I say go try this Asia Dress from Daria
I love the contrast of this dress. The print will surely sign from the strobe lights of the club. Go grab a metallic clutch and strapless heels and paint the town blue. Available here.

For those days of just having lunch with your boyfriend or husband or even at work. Try this printed asymmetric dress from PD & Co. It's very Erdem but that's cool. Put on some cork heel wedges or espadrilles (if you dare) and your favorite eco-friendly tote bag and welcome the sun with glee. Go grab them here.
Whether inside the club or outside your home, you need to pair your florals with cat eye sunnie which, to my surprise, dominated the Fall 2012 runways. I was expecting the oversized or shield sunglasses to dominate. These RayBan sidestreets will do the trick. Go flash that "Ray-Ban" to anywhere you go girl! Grab them here.

And as always, after checkout, TYPE ItssomarknessP AND GET ADDITIONAL 5% OFF! THESE ARE FOR REGULAR ITEMS WORTH PHP 500 AND ABOVE.

Happy shopping everyone! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ferragamo Special Sunglasses

Ferragamo released this luxe sunglasses. Its a cat eye shaped sunnies with embellishments on the brow part. Totally in trend for the sunnies for fall 2012. (See Prada and DSquared)
 Prada Fall 2012
Dsquared Fall 2012
These are the Ferragamo sunnies. Aren't they something?

They even come in a jewelry box. I guess all that rhinestones do count for something. Go grab them now! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I guess she's not appearing on the Spring 2013 runways.
Now, she's almost 30 but she still scores major campaigns. Now that's a supermodel!
And now she's 8 months pregnant and she shot with LOVE Magazine. This photo was shot by Mert & Marcus so expect raunchy. She's currently staying at Ibiza. Wow!

And I know you're wondering... WHO'S THE DADDY? And the first person that comes to mind is Riccardo Tisci. HAHAHAHAHAHA. But the rumours are it's a non-Tisci boyfriend. Well, this boyfriend is Italian entrepreneur Andrea Patti.

PS. It's a girl! A little supermodel in the works! :)
 Here's the pic, NSFW

Monday, August 27, 2012


I have to be honest. While I'm writing this post, I'm wearing my DIY sunnies.
So basically last March 2011, Miuccia Prada showed these amazing sunnies from the Miu Miu Fall 2011 runways. They are available in loads of colors but it was the glitter ones that really tickled me.

 I DIY-ed the gold glitter ones which surprises me because Madonna wore the red and silver ones. Should've done those. Well, I'll do them next time. :))

Okay what you need:
1. gold nail polish
2. gold glitter nail polish
(What I learned is that they don't have gold nail polish with gold glitter available here in the Phils. Their gold glitter nail polish was basically clear nail polish with gold glitter.)
3. clear nail polish
4. sunnies. I suggest cat eyes ;)
5. nail polish remover
6. patience (I mean patience!)

 What I learned:
-Nail polish is much cheaper in Landmark Dept. Store than in SM Dept. Store. The Chic nail polish was the best bargain. 10 ml for 27.75 in Landmark. Caronia 8 ml was 27.75 in Landmark BUT 34.75 in SM Department Store! :O

 The instructions are real simple. Paint the gold nail polish on your sunnies. One coat first. It's okay if you can still see the original color of your sunnies (mine was black and white) You need patience or else it will look like a failure like mine. Wait for hours for it to dry (I swear hours! Nails are different from plastic!) Then you paint again until you are satisfied. It took me almost 5 coats for me to be satisfied. Yes, 5 coats.

 Then, after you are satsified, you paint the gold glitter nail polish (one coat again). Waiting time again. Hahaha. Then, coat it again until you are satisfied. It took me 3 coats.
 When you're satsified with the gold glitter and it's all dry, apply a coat of clear nail polish. This is to seal the deal and to protect the glitters. Also, it adds additional shine which is a great plus!

DIY Miu Miu glitter sunglasses

DIY Miu Miu glitter sunglasses

DIY Miu Miu glitter sunglasses
 I let it dry overnight. Basically after like hours and hours, YOU CAN WEAR THEM AND STRIKE A POSE! 8-)

Now I don't know but I think the lights and the photography does not do it justice. It's much more golden in person! haha! and more glittery. So I overdid it than the real Miu Mius but I like it! And don't be fooled by my sunnies, my sunnies had these bumps and all that that's why it looks weird but if you had the normal flat ones then it will be better. It's just that I'm not using these sunnies anymore like ever! Haha! So I gave it a make over and I feel like I want to wear them anywhere. Haha!

Anyways, if you did this you can email me and I might post your pics on my blog ;)

So.. this is my plan for my next DIY.
Will I succeed? Hahaha. If I have time, I'll try to do this! Also, if you have ideas for DIY, share it with me and my other readers!

PS. Don't do this on designer sunnies okay? You don't want to destroy it. Haha. But if you have designer sunnies that you don't use anymore, DIY at your own risk. ;)

Friday, August 24, 2012





John Galliano 0001/s and Vogue Magazine... PERFECT COMBINATION!

Do they look the same? Hahaha. What a difference 5 years makes! (Vogue 2012 on your left, Vogue 2007 on your right )

Anyways, there are a lot of ads but basically the most parts are a visit to the Vogue Archives. Like past editorials, honoring the forces of the fashion industry (I'm shocked that Madonna was not there knowing that she inspired Wintour in her first Vogue cover as the editor in chief) and profiling these people.

The editorials were great but I have yet to look at it some more because none of the editorials struck me like "woah!" just like last year's issue with "Kiss Me, Kate" and "My Generation" editorials. 

Also, there's only one perfume sample ad. :((((( The reason why I'm all for physical magazines than the online ones is because I can smell those perfumes and sometimes use them! haha! The perfume is Lancome and it smells strong and good!

ANYWAYS... just off topic. I've tried Madonna's "Truth and Dare" perfume. Yeah, I didn't like it. It smelled like an old lady scent. Well makes sense because it smells like gardenia and jasmine. If you're a Filipino reading this, I'm gonna tell you "AMOY SAMPAGUITA!" I'm sure you'll get it! But the bottle has a great design. Let's wait for her second perfume, I hope it has a younger scent. Anyways, I recommend you to try before you buy. :)

Oh yeah, in case you're wondering. The purple sunglasses on top of my Vogue September 2012 issue where GaGa wears a purple Marc Jacobs dress is by John Galliano. It's John Galliano 0001/s. It's the first model and it's so far the fiercest for me! Haha. I don't have a purple Marc Jacobs sunnies that's why I opted for the Gallianos.

Anyways, ta-ta!

TGIF- THANK GOD I'M FABULOUS!!!! That's our new mantra okay?

Til next time. More sunnies to come! And a teaser, I'm gonna share a DIY that's sure to tickle your hands to doing it too. It's easy, cheap and UBER FIERCE! It's a sunnies DIY, AGAIN! :)))))