Monday, August 13, 2012

Madonna in Herve Leger

I honestly thought Madonna and Herve Leger will never be associated together. Well, I guess you've seen all the MDNA Tour pics and her Madgesty's outfits right?

That Bond girl look wherein she holds a gun and kills alomst everybody. She's wearing all back but you can see the leopard print bra, next is the cheerleader costume, then the Gaultier creation, then the silver outfit.

You might say I forgot something. The harness outfit she wore. Yes, I intentionally left that out because that's the outfit I'm talking about. Apparently, it's Herve Leger. OK, you can tell me now DUH?

But I was thinking it was either an Alaia or Arianne Philips' design for Madonna. Apparently it was customized Herve Leger (obviously) but the harnesses were from the Fall 2012 collection.

Here are the pics of the costume:

And here are the pictures from the collection. Look for that fur stole and harness combo ;)
 I'm guessing the outfit was inspired by combining these two outfits. :)
 She wore the leather sleeves during the Olympia show.

There you go! Madonna in Herve Leger! :)

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