Monday, August 27, 2012


I have to be honest. While I'm writing this post, I'm wearing my DIY sunnies.
So basically last March 2011, Miuccia Prada showed these amazing sunnies from the Miu Miu Fall 2011 runways. They are available in loads of colors but it was the glitter ones that really tickled me.

 I DIY-ed the gold glitter ones which surprises me because Madonna wore the red and silver ones. Should've done those. Well, I'll do them next time. :))

Okay what you need:
1. gold nail polish
2. gold glitter nail polish
(What I learned is that they don't have gold nail polish with gold glitter available here in the Phils. Their gold glitter nail polish was basically clear nail polish with gold glitter.)
3. clear nail polish
4. sunnies. I suggest cat eyes ;)
5. nail polish remover
6. patience (I mean patience!)

 What I learned:
-Nail polish is much cheaper in Landmark Dept. Store than in SM Dept. Store. The Chic nail polish was the best bargain. 10 ml for 27.75 in Landmark. Caronia 8 ml was 27.75 in Landmark BUT 34.75 in SM Department Store! :O

 The instructions are real simple. Paint the gold nail polish on your sunnies. One coat first. It's okay if you can still see the original color of your sunnies (mine was black and white) You need patience or else it will look like a failure like mine. Wait for hours for it to dry (I swear hours! Nails are different from plastic!) Then you paint again until you are satisfied. It took me almost 5 coats for me to be satisfied. Yes, 5 coats.

 Then, after you are satsified, you paint the gold glitter nail polish (one coat again). Waiting time again. Hahaha. Then, coat it again until you are satisfied. It took me 3 coats.
 When you're satsified with the gold glitter and it's all dry, apply a coat of clear nail polish. This is to seal the deal and to protect the glitters. Also, it adds additional shine which is a great plus!

DIY Miu Miu glitter sunglasses

DIY Miu Miu glitter sunglasses

DIY Miu Miu glitter sunglasses
 I let it dry overnight. Basically after like hours and hours, YOU CAN WEAR THEM AND STRIKE A POSE! 8-)

Now I don't know but I think the lights and the photography does not do it justice. It's much more golden in person! haha! and more glittery. So I overdid it than the real Miu Mius but I like it! And don't be fooled by my sunnies, my sunnies had these bumps and all that that's why it looks weird but if you had the normal flat ones then it will be better. It's just that I'm not using these sunnies anymore like ever! Haha! So I gave it a make over and I feel like I want to wear them anywhere. Haha!

Anyways, if you did this you can email me and I might post your pics on my blog ;)

So.. this is my plan for my next DIY.
Will I succeed? Hahaha. If I have time, I'll try to do this! Also, if you have ideas for DIY, share it with me and my other readers!

PS. Don't do this on designer sunnies okay? You don't want to destroy it. Haha. But if you have designer sunnies that you don't use anymore, DIY at your own risk. ;)

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