Saturday, August 11, 2012

Madonna's Affair with Chanel Part 4

Yes! Well I think this is an obsession.
She wore it to a W./E. photocall in London back in Feb 2012.
Wore this while promoting MDNA back in March 2012.
Wore this to MDNA Tour first segment (Girl Gone Wild up to I Don't Give A) and alast song (Celebration)
Wore this to rehearsals.
Wore this while opening Hard Candy Fitness.

I just wonder if they stink so bad now...


PS. Photos are not mine

You see? She wears it like they're Louboutin shoes or a Rolex watch. But it makes me wanna buy one. I have black fingerless gloves. Guess I'll wear it to wherever I go huh?

And when will there be a Madonna for Chanel campaign? Make it happen Karl Lagerfeld! :) I mean Madonna's an experienced model. She was the face of Louis Vuitton Spring and Fall 2009, Dolce and Gabbana Spring and Fall 2010, and Versace Spring 1995 and Spring 2005. Being the face of Chanel will be icing on the cake! :)

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