Friday, August 17, 2012

Couple of Updates

Okay, I've been kinda lazy. Here are some of my updates to you:
I BOUGHT A LOT OF SUNGLASSES! HAHAHAHA! And it's because they're on sale. Men, these sales are making me broke! haha!

Okay , #1. Michael Michael Kors Wilmette Sunglasses from L'Optique Paris. L'Optique Paris had an awesome sale last Great Northern Sale. ALL ITEMS 50% OFF! And since I go there like every time, they already know me and gave me access to their hidden treasures. Haha! Not really hidden. But let me tell you, they have a lot of sunglasses hiding around their store. Don't be afraid to ask. All you see in the displays are just like half of what they have. They have a lot of drawers with sunglasses. And these sunglasses were hidden in the drawers. Haha. See, it doesn't hurt to ask. You might even end up with your sunglasses 4 life!

The sunnies were originally Php 3,990 ($94.37) but were reduced to Php 1,995 ($47.19). Super affordable!!!

Okay #2, Miu Miu and Pepe Jeans. THESE ARE SUPER AFFORDABLE! SM Department Store in SM North EDSA had a stall in their 2nd floor with a clearance sale of designer sunnies. Raybans for 3,990, Ferragamo for 7,990 Donna Karan, Guess, Miu Miu and Pepe Jeans AND MORE!

 The Pepe Jeans were for 990 pesos only or $23.42. I love the fact that they're white wayfarers. My problem with my Ray Bans is that they are so curvy that it sits on my cheek. Unfortunately, I have a flat nose and high cheekbones (perks of being a Filipino is the nose, and perks of being asian are the cheekbones haha!). So basically Ray-Bans need to have an "Asian Fit" line just like other sunglasses like Oakley.

Forget about the price tag....
 I bought these Miu Miu's (which were seen in their eyewear campaign) FOR 990 PESOS! YES! AND I GOT AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF BECAUSE I'M AN SM ADVANTAGE CARD HOLDER! YAY!

I also have sunglasses I bought from SM Dept. Store for 50 pesos! I'll tell you about those in the coming days! ;) 
PS. There are still 990-peso Miu Mius at Landmark Trinoma but save some for me! I want to buy 3 or 4 in their store! Haha!

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