Sunday, June 30, 2013


So this is some kind of a segment I'll do which I don't know, I just wanna. Well, it's "Who did it better?" It's two similar outfits by different designers and just comment who did it better. :)

For the inaugural one, we have Rihanna in this red Alaia number at the Grammys 2013 vs Angelina Jolie in Saint Laurent black gown during Brad Pitt's World War Z premiere. Both look similar as they have the see through in the midriff part. Haha. Push!

Rihanna in Azzedine Alaia Grammys 2013
 Angelina Jolie in Saint Laurent World War Z premiere

This is hard because I like both gowns. If Rihanna's gown had something to hide that nipple, I would've love this more. So, I'm going with the Saint Laurent one. :)

Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey guys! Do you know the SM Store? Well, it's the only place you need to visit to feed your fashion hunger.
This was taken March 2012 at SM Manila. I think this is their first "The SM Store" board. ;)
I always check out the SM Store for great finds on clothes, shoes, and bags and needless to say I am never disappointed. Check out my look for my graduation ball. All items from the SM Store. Clothes from Markus, Shoes from Milanos, and bag from Parisian. Seems like it was expensive right? But it's not.

Sorry for the photo. That was after the party. Haha!

One of the great things about the SM Store are the accessories. SM Accessories is like the accessories authority. Great finds for great prices, parang slogan lang! Haha!

Anyways, when it comes to accessories, I choose statement accessories so I don't need to wear a lot. I'm an "on-the-move" kind of person so I want the accessories to accentuate my look and not be a burden to my everyday activities.

 I'm a big sunglasses addict so this rack really made me ecstatic! Haha!

 ORANGE! MSense Watch and Belt!
 I love this What Women Want statement ring!

So basically, that's the reason why I love to shop at SM. Because I love to shop and there's nowhere else you need to shop but SM. It's true, they've got it all for you! :D


"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."
-Olivia Palermo

Yeah, I live by Olivia Palermo's words. She's the perfect way of how to accessorize. I mean, I think it has become a blogger's norm to "excessorize" or over-accessorize. Admit it, you see lots of bloggers and lookbookers who weigh less than 120 lbs become 200 lbs because of the amount of accessories they have. I mean those necklaces and bracelets tally up to infinity right? And let's not forget those chunky rings that hey have in all 10 fingers. While it's great in pictures, I find it to be uncomfortable. I tried it once and did not like it. I go for Olivia's accessorizing. One or two statement accessories is enough. You'll see her in chic necklace or bracelet, one or two rings, a great bag and fierce shoes. Those are enough to make a statement with accessories.

I don't over-accessorize. I tend to just have a statement cuff or a statement bracelet or a tame necklace and bracelet (haha!).

I remember before that SM Accessories was just a secret. My place and my schools were near SM North and they have huge piles of cute and AFFORDABLE (emphasis on affordable) accessories. People would be shocked when you answer them, "I bought this at SM Department store for x pesos!" So affordable!

Well now, it's no secret SM Accessories has become the go to accessory store for everyone, fashion lovers or just want to spice up their look. They have chic bags, lots of statement necklaces, stackable bracelets and bangles, lots of rings and other arm candies.

I've been a huge fan of SM Accessories because they always follow the trends but make sure that they are accessible to everyone making the Philippines a fashionable country one accessory at a time.

Well since I've been collecting SM Accessories for a while now, I'll show you my collection (just a sample not all) and my preferences for accessories.

1. SUNGLASSES - If you've read just one or two posts in my blog, you'll know I'm addicted to sunglasses. I always go for classics with a twist. These are twists on the wayfarer shape. Striped blue and a one with a metal temple. Chic!

2. NECKLACES -  I tend to go for simple necklaces. I love this one, especially the shoe pendant. Haha!

3. RINGS - I love statement rings. As you can see, I love animals! Haha!

4. CAPS/HATS- Caps have become my go-to hats and this one is great for the beach.

5. BELT - I love their trendy belts. Studs, red, orange, OH MY!

6. WATCH - A watch is a necessity. It gives you the image that you care about time, something you can't take back and you must value. Now, I bought this one for more than a year ago and it's still working and the batteries haven't been replaced. Cool right? And the orange color is the icing on the cake. I'm a sucker for bright colors. HAHA!

How about you guys, have you been to SM Accessories? If not, you're definitely missing out.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fashion Updates

I'm pretty sure you are all updated but just to give you a head's up
1. ISABEL MARANT X H&M: YES! IT IS HAPPENING! Waaaahhhh!!! I am so wanting this collection. Already saving up but question is, when will there be an H&M in the Phils? Or I'll save up more bucks to go to HongKong and sleep outside. Haha!

2. Fashion shakeups: I guess the fact that we were blindsided by Nicholas Ghesquiere's resigning at Balenciaga was just the start. Now, it seems he is in talks to take the place of Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton. Say whaaatttt???? Let's explain this further.

Marc introduced Louis Vuitton as a fashion luxury powerhouse not only creating covetable bags but clothes and accessories as well. He has so succeeded in it (common we were all obsessing over those Louis Vuitton handcuffs, handcuff clutch, and those metal pointed shoes) but that came with a price. His own line has been suffering in quality. People have been noticing the similarities between the two collections (his own line and LV) but the LV line seems to be more successful. Now, he has appointed Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley as creative director and design director of Marc by Marc’s ready-to-wear so he can now focus on his own line. Oh yeah, there are talks that he wants his company to separate from LVMH and go public, like Michael Kors. I guess we should all be happy for him. I want him to succeed because I love his designs. Haha! And who else would put Madonna for Louis Vuitton? Also, he has already released a beauty line under his own label. That's the only way to go right?

Oh yeah, Nicholas is being sued by Balenciaga for breach of contract of Confidentiality because of the interview he gave.

Back to Marc, apparently he and Emma Hill (creative director of Mulberry who also resigned due to creative differences GASP!) are rumored to be up for the Coach job. Reed Krakoff resigned after 16 years to focus on his own line. I don't think Marc will accept this. This is just a burden towards his rise to fashion empire. Although, with Emma Hill I am quite ecstatic to see that.

I totally agree with this article:

Ever since Reed Krakoff announced that he would be leaving Coach after a 16-year tenure, there has been a lot of speculation about who would succeed him. Considering that Krakoff transformed the company into a $4.76 billion brand, he’s leaving some pretty big shoes to fill. This morning brings the announcement that Mulberry’s creative director of six years, Emma Hill, would be leaving her post due to disagreements with management over creative and operational strategy (via WWD), and we can’t help but think that the stars are aligning for Hill to take the reigns at Coach. Here are five reasons we’re sure she’s the right women for the job:
1. She’s got the cool factor:
Let’s face it, while Coach has been wildly successful in the States, within the fashion industry it catches flack for being too commercial. The brand has made strides towards changing that by riding along the digital revolution. For example, this past November they tapped Rachel Zoe to style viral sensation Karmin for a music video. Hill launched a number of musical initiatives during her time at Mulberry, giving Mulberry more millennial credibility and proving she’s got her finger to the pulse of what’s hot.
2. She brings the star power:
Considering that Coach is so popular with the masses, elevating its image with celebrity makes a lot of sense. If Hill has proven anything, it’s that she has an eye for stylish talent. Case in point: Lana del Rey. During the pop sensation’s rise to fame, the British brand jumped on her bandwagon by designing a handbag named after the star and declaring her a Mulberry icon. Other It-girls who have served as poster children for the label include Kate Moss and Alexa Chung. Not too shabby.
3. She’s knows a thing or two about “It” Bags:
While Coach bags are so ubiquitous you see them being trotted around New York City, as well as slung over the arms of mall-goers in the Midwest, Coach has never seemed to successfully launch an “It” bag. Mulberry has been churning out coveted styles since 2002 with the ‘Gisele’, and Hill carried on the legacy with the smash success of the Chung-inspired ‘Alexa’ in 2009. Not too long after its launch, Mulberry won the Best Designer Brand prize at the British Fashion Awards and in the same month, boasted profits of nearly £45 million. Hill could bring some of that distinguished class to what is, let’s face it, everyone’s favorite outlet shop.
4. She’s quirky:
It was just a year ago that Hill described Mulberry to the Telegraph explaining, “We’re not tea and crumpets – we’re bonkers.” And she’s got the collections to back it up, with A-listers lining the front row to get a first look at the tongue-in-cheek garnishes on her utterly wearable clothes. Her campaigns are also buzz-worthy, if you recall her Fall 2012 ads in which Lindsey Wixson entered the Where the Wild Things Are world. Hill also closed her most recent runway show with “The Mickey Mouse Club” theme. A little irreverence goes a long way when it comes to fashion and that’s just what Coach is missing.
5. She’s got the resume:
Hill is British-born and Mulberry might be the quintessential British heritage brand, but the designer has also had her hand in the American market. Previously, she designed accessory collections for Marc Jacobs, as well as launched sectors within Marc by Marc Jacobs and the Gap. If those brands don’t carry commercial clout, we don’t know what does.
While the decision for who will take the reigns at Coach remains very much in the air, with even Marc Jacobs’ name being tossed in the ring, we stick firmly to our prediction and are eagerly awaiting the day that a Coach bag rivals the popularity of the Birkin — if anyone can make that happen, Hill can.

Anyways, what do you guys think of this fashion shake up? Who will take the helm at LV in case Marc leaves? How about Mulberry and Coach? Wow! All three are known for their handbags and now I am obsessing over it. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! AHAHAHA!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Beyonce in Karen Walker Sunglasses

Beyonce shut down rumors that she is pregnant with her second child by exposing her toned midriff. Well, that's not a body of a pregnant woman right?

While everyone was looking at her abs, I was looking at her sunglasses. (Obviously) and here she is in Karen Walker "Blue Moon" Sunglasses.

Beyonce in Karen Walker Blue Moon Sunglasses

I love Karen Walker sunglasses! They are just so cool and effortless like I wanna buy them all. Too bad they're expensive and they don't have distributors here in the Philippines. Anyways, I love this one. It's round with the thick temples that remind me of vintage Chanel sunglasses. (see Anna Wintour's sunglasses)

I'll give this one a 4 out of 5 for being so dope (did I just use that?) haha!
Buy them here or here.

4 out of 5 - Almost perfect!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


People might be shocked that I am a sneakers fan. Every since Nike SB and Chuck's! Haha!
Anyways, now I am moving forward to high fashion sneakers like these from Pierre Hardy. Also, Ferragamo sent down his models in tennis sneakers for his Spring 2013 Men's collection so... :D

Photo Credit: Pierre Hardy Facebook Page (


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Madonna and Kate Bosworth in Givenchy

Looks like Givenchy eyewear is slightly becoming popular. We have two lovely fashionistas wearing these Givenchy sunglasses: Madonna and Kate Bosworth.

 Madonna in Givenchy Sunglasses

Kate Bosworth in Givenchy Sunglasses
These are the SGV 825 Sunglasses from Givenchy. I kinda dig them. They're the kind of sunglasses that makes a statement so with Kate and Madonna, they wore them with plain clothes but they still look kinda rock and roll. I recommend this for people who don't want sunglasses with too much bling going on but still has some details on it. Go try them!

Rating - 4 out of 5 - Almost perfect! :)

Am I becoming like the next Celebrity Sunglasses Finder? Hahaha!

Buy them here, here, and here.