Sunday, October 27, 2013

Illesteva x Lou Reed Sunglasses

So Illesteva collaborated with Lou Reed for these pair of sunglasses which are available in other colors. Being exposed to a lot of sunglasses, I saw that it was SUPER SUPER DUPER SIMILAR to Westward Leaning's sunglasses. The difference is that Westward Leaning had a design on the temples, mostly less expensive than Illesteva and you get to help a charity with every purchase. Have a look and see.

Westward Leaning Color Revolutionsunglasses (Photo courtesy of

Lou Reed x Illesteva Waverly Sunglasses (photo courtesy of

So, which one do you prefer? I prefer the Westwards because they look more shaped, and got more choices. Plus, the fact that you get to help a charity for every purchase is a plus! :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013


WHAAAAATTTTT????? This is like gonna be the coolest thing ever!

Isabel Marant held a barbecue on her Melrose Place Store to celebrate its one year of storing the coolest pieces on the planet. Fashionista covered the event and had this to write:

"Like the best hostess, Marant floated around the party throughout the night, seemingly hugging and kissing everyone. When we finally caught up with her, she told us she spends most of her time as “a working beast in Paris,” currently working on her Fall 2014 collection and a sunglasses collaboration with Oliver Peoples for the Spring/Summer collection, which she calls “very L.A.”

OMG! I literally died! A sunglasses collection from Isabel! I wonder what they would look like? The last designer collab with Oliver Peoples was Balmain and they were super expensive, BTW. I wonder how this would fare. Who's excited? What do you think will the collection look like? Can't wait for 2014! :D

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Salma Hayek in Balenciaga

This is just some ID for the sunglasses.

Salma Hayek, the first lady of fashion, is here watching Balenciaga Spring 2014 show. Why she's the first lady of fashion? Because she's married to Francois Henri Pinault, owner of PPR now Kering. And they have a daughter, Valentina. Wise girl! jk! She's wearing a Balenciaga Fall 2013 dress with a Balenciaga sunglasses.

If you guys are big Balenciaga fans, you would know these are an update of the Spring 2011 sunglasses as seen on Gisele Bundchen. Search for it.

I love the sunnies! So there. I don't know where to buy them yet. I'm guessing or your nearest Balenciaga stores. :)

Rating 3 out of 5 - It's ok.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Eva Mendes in Vogue Eyewear

Eva looks fun and feminine in this dress she designed for New York & Company. She spoke about her designs saying she wants "something classic and that everyone would buy. Not very trendy and something you can wear for seasons." Judging from this look, I have to agree. It is a dress that can be styled young and mature. And she has Ryan Gosling, you go gurl!

Just from the photo, I knew right there and then that they wore Vogue sunglasses for the sole reason of the color combo. I have seen it and I loved it. And she is also the endorser of Vogue eyewear so there. :D
She's wearing the Vogue 2795/S from the new collection. It's a basic cat eye/wayfarer hybrid that's still good with the great color combo. They also have a full purple/lilac and full turquoise colors. Love them! Buy them here.

Rating 3 out of 5 - It's ok.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Paris Hilton in Prada

Yes. Paris Hilton is still alive. And she's still making appearances. She was interviewed by Alexa Chung for the release of her new single, Good Time featuring Lil Wayne. From the photo, I think you know that this one is from Prada right? :)
Prada SPR 04PS

I like this. This is from the Portrait collection. And it's because I love cat eyes. I also want this soooooo bad. Prada consistently brings it on the eyewear game. This one can be paired with your cocktail dress and go on a night out (yes even with shades on) or dress up your tee+ jeans combo. Buy them here.