Saturday, October 5, 2013

Salma Hayek in Balenciaga

This is just some ID for the sunglasses.

Salma Hayek, the first lady of fashion, is here watching Balenciaga Spring 2014 show. Why she's the first lady of fashion? Because she's married to Francois Henri Pinault, owner of PPR now Kering. And they have a daughter, Valentina. Wise girl! jk! She's wearing a Balenciaga Fall 2013 dress with a Balenciaga sunglasses.

If you guys are big Balenciaga fans, you would know these are an update of the Spring 2011 sunglasses as seen on Gisele Bundchen. Search for it.

I love the sunnies! So there. I don't know where to buy them yet. I'm guessing or your nearest Balenciaga stores. :)

Rating 3 out of 5 - It's ok.

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