Sunday, October 13, 2013


WHAAAAATTTTT????? This is like gonna be the coolest thing ever!

Isabel Marant held a barbecue on her Melrose Place Store to celebrate its one year of storing the coolest pieces on the planet. Fashionista covered the event and had this to write:

"Like the best hostess, Marant floated around the party throughout the night, seemingly hugging and kissing everyone. When we finally caught up with her, she told us she spends most of her time as “a working beast in Paris,” currently working on her Fall 2014 collection and a sunglasses collaboration with Oliver Peoples for the Spring/Summer collection, which she calls “very L.A.”

OMG! I literally died! A sunglasses collection from Isabel! I wonder what they would look like? The last designer collab with Oliver Peoples was Balmain and they were super expensive, BTW. I wonder how this would fare. Who's excited? What do you think will the collection look like? Can't wait for 2014! :D

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