Tuesday, January 28, 2014


To be honest, there is not much to say. There were only a few people in the event actually. But, Madonna was there. No GaGa, Miley, or Rihanna in sight. They know they can't match the queen. Beyonce tried and failed.

Let's look at my best dressed ,Her Madgesty of course.
Madonna in Ralph Lauren- She was with his adopted son David Banda who was also wearing Ralph Lauren. She took it to another level with the gloves, hat, and cane. Love it!
She performed Open Your Heart with Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert for Same Love while Queen Latifah officiated the wedding of 33 gay and straight couples. It was a moving performance. As expected from the Queen. She also wore Ralph Lauren, 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Screen Actors Guild SAG Awards 2014

So this year's SAG Awards happened and thank God there were a lot of irrelevant people so this post will just be kinda short. My best dressed for this event got me all blue...

 AMY ADAMS IN ANTONIO BERARDI- I love the color on her skin. Wish I had flawless and glowing skin like her. I love the architectural design and the hair. She's knocking it out of the park.
More angles, more fun.
This awards show was pretty easy because there were only a few best dresses, others were meh and the rest was bleh.... :))

Monday, January 13, 2014

The 71st Golden Globe Awards

So it's awards season and it's my fave time of the year. Seeing all the stars all glammed up and seeing them produce red carpet moments or hot messes. It's fun to watch! :)

There were a lot of stars so stay with me on this one! :)
Last year, my best dressed was Marion Cotillard in a red Dior dress and this year, another lady in red Dior made my best dressed. :)

It's Emma Watson in Dior.
You might be thinking, what????? this is plain and boring. Well, check out the back...
PAK! I love this. It's risky but it works. Good job on taking a chance and making it work, Emma! :)
Here are my other top picks: