Sunday, October 27, 2013

Illesteva x Lou Reed Sunglasses

So Illesteva collaborated with Lou Reed for these pair of sunglasses which are available in other colors. Being exposed to a lot of sunglasses, I saw that it was SUPER SUPER DUPER SIMILAR to Westward Leaning's sunglasses. The difference is that Westward Leaning had a design on the temples, mostly less expensive than Illesteva and you get to help a charity with every purchase. Have a look and see.

Westward Leaning Color Revolutionsunglasses (Photo courtesy of

Lou Reed x Illesteva Waverly Sunglasses (photo courtesy of

So, which one do you prefer? I prefer the Westwards because they look more shaped, and got more choices. Plus, the fact that you get to help a charity for every purchase is a plus! :)

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