Saturday, August 4, 2012

Prada Fall 2012 Video Campaign

I don't know how Prada does it but every season they release a video campaign that makes you crave for their clothes. Dissecting the collection, you will see most of the clothes are unwearable. For the normal person, no one can wear so much art deco print. No one will wear those clunky shoes that the brogues are borderline clown shoes. But seeing the video, I, in some way, changed my mind. I remember seeing the collection and saying "All I want are the coats." But now, I am lusting over those suits that I don't care that the print is too loud. I love it! Also, the sunglasses are amazing! They're a bit "mechanical" but there were some new models like a cat eye shape with crystals on top of it. I love it! Miuccia has some kind of magic when it comes to clothes. It may look crazy but people buy it. They have a great marketing and creative team. I want to be a part of them! :) The two models playing chess are Anne V (Adam Levine's ex) and Magdalena Frackowiak (one of the fiercest models EVAH!)

Watch the vid here!

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