Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Madonna in Alexander Wang

Madonna still checks the "young hip designer" box by wearing an Alexander Wang creation. She is wearing the Alexander Wang Shelly Perforated Leather Booties which unfortunately is sold out everywhere. The Power of Madonna!

I love the shape of the boots. It's very feminine and the perforated leather looks soft instead of the stereotypical dull and rough. Madonna also dances in them for 5 songs. She is running and jumping while wearing those boots so they must be very comfortable. It's shocking she doesn't wear it as much as her Chanel gloves.

Photos from Mad-Eyes and Madonna.com
Images of the booties from Neiman Marcus and theversastyle.com

They look pretty cool. I'm gonna be looking for perforated booties from now on and wear it with my black skinny jeans and black leather top. All I need is a gun huh? :)))

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