Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tulisa Contostavlos in Fake Ray-Bans

Not only do I know who designed the sunglasses the celebs are wearing, I can also see if they're fake or real. When it comes to celebs, we're all like, they're rich! They can buy original Ray-Bans right? I think when you become a star, you are given a free pair of Ray-Bans to shield yourself to the world and be a true celebrity.

1) We don't know who Tulisa Contostavlos is!
2) She doesn't look like a star
3) She wears an Herve Leger dress... nuff said!

Well, this girl is a judge on X-Factor UK, wait what???????? JUDGE ON X FACTOR UK? Well, the other female judge is Nicole Scherzinger. Honestly, if it weren't for Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh, this show will be producing fluke stars. I mean, what did these two women do to judge talent? Mind you, some of the contestants have more talent in their ingrown toenail than these two ladies combined. Where has society lead us?????

Anyways, here's the pic of Tulisa and the fake ray-bans.
Photo from
How did I know they're fake?
1. The lens? They look cheap.
2. The curve. They do not curve at all. As you all know, Ray-Bans touches your cheek like it was destined to be there
3. The "Ray-Ban" on the temples. Too far away from the lens.

Honey, go grab yourself some $100 bills and grab a real Ray-Ban. Or better yet, SmartBuyGlasses is having a giveaway for free Ray-Bans. Go join! :))))

This is a celebrity not to be emulated... AT ALL! :|


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