Saturday, May 28, 2011


I've heard Born This Way- the whole album a week before its release, and I'm NONE TOO PLEASED! Just like it's album cover, it does not deliver "ALBUM OF THE DECADE".

Ok, so since it was her "Like a Prayer" by Madonna album, she referenced a lot of religious view here. But how she delivered it, she just said Jesus Christ. That was it. It was tastelessly done. SO tasteless! Lemme enumerate the themes of Madonna's Like a Prayer: expressing yourself, true love (cherish and love song), longing for her dead mom who died when she was young (promise to try), awaiting acceptance from her father (oh father), feeling insecurities due to her sins (act of contrition), melancholic call from God of someone who's doubting (like a prayer), keeping in touch with family (keep it together, divorce rates were all time high so she made this song).

And what did GaGa say? marry the night (just having fun), scheibe (female independence which was just inserted just to "make a point" when the song is just about hooking up), born this way (a blatant way of expressing yourself to the tune of "express yourself"), government hooker (the title explains itself), you and i (about resparking a broken relationship), hair (as free as her hair), judas (a  bad romance to the beat of "bad romance"), edge of glory (i don't get it, it's about her grandfather but it's about hooking up for the last time), highway unicorn (road to love) (this one's about a unicorn on a road to love not clearly described, just road to love), bloody mary (this one's just fucking forced to reference marry), americano (about the arizona immigration law but with special guest, jesus cristo)

God! You'll see how shallow GaGa is. Don't get me wrong some of the tracks are fun. I loved BTW and Judas as well as Government Hooker, Scheibe, You and I and Electric Chapel. But lyrically, they're shallow I mean "I'll dance with my hands above my head like Jesus said" what????? I don't get it. GaGa, it's because of your interviews that people expected a deeper album. But you gave us lyrics as shallow as a children's nursery rhyme. Just give it up GaGa, you're not as deep as Madonna. You can sing, that's it! I'm already on the hopes for album #4. I just don't like this one. Just sing about fame instead.

Rating for the album: 1 out of 5 stars.

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