Friday, June 3, 2011

I love the trend, not the dresses (how they fit)

Now I know you know how I feel about Prada's Spring 2011 collection. I hated it! But I loved the trend, the striped mixing of colors, I loved it! It's how the dresses fit I didn't like. Really? Nurse's outfit? That's trendy? And those dresses that keeps falling off the models. Is that even wearable? I loved the sunglasses, you all know that! I wanted it! The shoes I also loved although the brogue espadrilles could be lower ;)

As for those banana prints. I think they're very oversized and not fit the skinny models. They're size 2 not size 4. Size 4 isn't even normal size. It's still thin. Anyway, I was looking  for guess what? PRADA INSPIRED OUTFITS! I found a pink striped sweater vest. That's it! Apparently Philippine fashion isn't yet up to date! Haaaayyyyyy..... That was a big sigh! :)))

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