Friday, February 10, 2012


There were certainly a lot of highlights from Madonna's SuperBowl performance.

All clad in Givenchy couture, Miu Miu boots, and Bulgari earrings that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna's showstopping performance proved why she is still the Queen of Pop. Sure, she needed a lot of people but it's the SuperBowl. If she could've done it by herself I'm sure she would do it.

With GaGa releasing "The MonsterBall Tour" showing us a "living dress" and a bra and panty that sparks, GaGa wowed us with things that are not done by her. With Madonna, it's the opposite. She has more tricks up her sleeve than GaGa but all of those are acquired talents. Playing the guitar and in the SuperBowl, DANCING! ONE THING THAT GAGA CAN'T DO WELL. LET'S FACE IT, GAGA IS PRETENDING TO BE A DANCER. SHE DANCES FOR FUN, MADONNA DANCES PROFESSIONALLY. Seeing those tumblings and cartwheels certainly had our jaws on the floor. A 19 year old boy like me watching a 53 year old lady do things I suppose I can do (I can't cartwheel and split) Can GaGa split? She can scream and jump and put her paws up, does that for 2 hours, and earns 200 million. Madonna does a lot more and 400 million dollar (from her last tour) was not enough.

What also interests me is the setlist, All #1 in the Billboard Hot 100 (except for Luvin') and all in their original form. It just goes to show that with those beats, they still are relevant and beats ass to "Born This Way" aka Express Yourself 2011 remix and "Judas" aka Bad Romance part 2.

Well, there's the M.I.A. middle finger scandal but it's not something I care about. She's a big girl she can handle it.

MADONNA >>>>>>>> GAGA. Sorry GaGa, please show us TALENT in your next tour, as well as COUTURE! :D

TA-TA! :)

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