Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lorde in Celine Sunglasses

I love Lorde. I love her album "Pure Heroine." I'm not too keen on her style but when I saw her sunglasses, I was like damn! BECAUSE I WANTED THOSE SUNNIES! REALLY REALLY BADLY!

Here she is in Celine Papillon Sunglasses.

So I love Phoebe Philo, I love Celine handbags and definitely loving Celine's new range of sunglasses. Celine started out with "Original" which is a square wayfarer which I was not crazy. Until they unveiled those amazing clear with different color palettes on the temples. The Audrey one was the sunnies I was crazy, then they came out with a lot of sunnies like ZZ Top, New Pretty, those chain temples and now this Papillon.

Papillon means butterfly in French and I gues they have a butterfly shape. I think when Celine does something, it becomes a classic. They are a variation of the Emmanuelle Khan cat eye sunglasses that were spotted in Rihanna's "You Da One" and on Doutzen Kroes (Google them) Zac Posen also made his own version with Illesteva named "Safari" and now Celine does it with Papillon. Oh wait, UNIF also has their own with Shadys model. (PS Don't buy them on Dollskill) So that's a lot of houses making the same style of sunnies (yes, that's how addicted I am. I do my research. LOL.)

As for this, they are a softer version. Wait til you see the others. OK, I'll upload them!

Emmanuelle Khan  (vintage)

UNIF The Shadys (the cheapest of the three, 60 USD only!)

Zac Posen x Illesteva Safari

See? Celine Papillon is the least pointiest right? LOLS.

Anyways, when I saw them I never thought Lorde would be the one I first spotted them in. I really thought Anna dello Russo would wear them first or Rihanna. Oh well.

I love them and they look great on her!
Rating: 5 out of 5 -PERFECTION!

Buy them here (more colors) or here. (black only)

Photo credits: justjared.com, otticanet.com, www.shopakira.com , www.ditto.com , aviewfromtheshade.blogspot.com

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