Saturday, March 15, 2014


So the Fall 2014 show came and went. And here are the highlights!
1. The streaker at Prabal Gurung - Well Prabal is used to making clothes that show some skin but this... this... I thought it was fun. :)
2. Wang makes everyone go Brooklyn - Yep all major editors a Brooklyn. Must've been a fun trip. But Wang did not disappoint and ended the show with supermodels looking unrecognizable with their hard helmet-like hair dos.
3.  Mulberry and Cara Delevingne collaborations - Mulberry has no creative director still so for LFW, they launched the Cara bags which are satchel bags that can be tote bags and backpacks! PERFECT!
4. Moschino x McDonalds - Knowing that Jeremy Scott will be creative director at Moschino, you'll know the clothes will be crazy and indeed it was. McDonalds, Spongebob, and Cheetos made an appearance. And oh yeah, Katy Perry got booed. Search it on Youtube. ;)
5. Roberto Cavalli's ring of fire - His son left the company and no longer designing the menswear line, Roberto called Michael Kors a copycat but there is no denying his Fal 2014 show was on FIRE! Literally!
6. Chanel Supermarket Looting - Yup! Chanel Supermarket, isn't that what recessionista dreams are made of? Unfortunately, this is a one-off. If you weren't invited to the show, you will never taste Coco Milk. Unfortunately, some people went overboard. The announcement was "help yourselves on assorted goods" which means the food but some even got the Welcome mats. They were supposed to be sold for charity. Oh well. It's Chanel.

 7. Models Dancing at Stella - Well, it was really Cara, if you look at Joan it feels forced. With Cara it's like, I'm dancing and I don't care. With Joan it's like, I'm dancing so please like me and make me super popular. Geez gurl, get a grip!
8. Anna Wintour seats second row- OH YES! THIS HAPPENED! OH NO THEY DIDN'T! Anna sat second row along with Hamish Bowles. Apparently, Valentino gave limited front row seating to American editors. I'm guessing America is no longer Valentino's market. And Anna gave up her seat for Sara Mower who will review the show for Expect no Valentino for Vogue US EVER!
9. FREJA BEHA RETURNS AND NICHOLAS GHESQUIERE'S DEBUT COLLECTION FOR LOUIS VUITTON! - I love Nicholas but I hate the fact he went to Vuitton. Why? Because Vuitton is super exclusive and they rarely sell RTW. Unlike with Balenciaga where you can purchase those crazy sweaters and chic jackets on upscale department stores. Usually it's just bags for Vuitton. No matter, the collection was super 60's and was f*cking surprised and excited when Freja Beha opened. She made a rare appearance and damn she looked good. Love you gurl! Now, I'm hoping she will be the face of Vuitton. I remember when she started that she became a major face of Balenciaga under Ghesquiere's reign. Hoping this will continue. And Raf, please get Freja at Dior. You know you love her. #FrejaForever

He blasted everyone even Anna Wintour and Prada. Read more here:

Photos courtesy of Google Search. Photos are not mine. :)


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