Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Everyone has their fave sport. Everyone, even me! I prefer watching football. The energy of the players and the crowd is so magnetic. I love it.

Now, whether you plan on watching the game at home or at the stadium, you need to show your team spirit. How? By buying your team or fave player's jersey.

What I love about these are the breathable fabric. I never use it for sports though LOL. But they are a great piece that is versatile and can work in your wardrobe. Yes, I'm talking fashion here people. Hahaha.

Now, here's how I would wear it.

For the jersey, I chose black and the number 88 (double infinity! Emily Thorne from Revenge- much?)

You will see I have 3 options for bottoms:
a. white jeans - the new classic. Ripped at the knees, trendy! Fit: While I love skinny fit, since you're gonna be physical here especially when your team scores a goal, I recommend a slim fit. :D
b. sweatpants - these are coated denim so they look like leather but it breathes unlike leather. :D It's the new cool look.
c. Shorts with meggings- Now I know it sounds silly but think about it. Shorts are comfy as hell and meggings are perfect if you want to hide your legs.

Shoe wise, nothing like good old sneakers. While you might go for your trusty Chucks or Vans, I want to amp it up with these ones from Lacoste. The pattern certainly elevates it from those ordinary sneakers no?

For accessories, obviously you do not want to be wearing a lot. (I'm not a fan of excessorizing too that's why I go for statement ones so one is enough) A baseball cap made from denim (yep! add one style notch above people) and classic Ray-Ban aviators in GREEN MIRRORED LENSES! Yes! That's the one.

Wear this and surely the players will give you their sweaty jersey, not to some girl or kid. LOL.

Now that you know what to wear with your jersey, where will you get your jersey? I suggest you go to Fanatics, they have a huge array with different colors that you just want to buy them all. Click this link
Like their Facebook page too(

As always, the best accessory is a smile and a positive attitude. Your team may lose but you certainly won the fashion game! ;)


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