Monday, March 21, 2011

Tom Ford Asked Show Guests To Sign A Non Disclosure Agreement

We already knew that Tom Ford’s fall show during London Fashion Week would be as exclusive — and perhaps even more quietly produced — than his spring show in New York last September. What we didn’t know guests at that show would have to sign legally binding documents just to get in the door.
Fashionista reports that guests of Ford’s show, which was held presentation style over the last two days, were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements preventing them from talking about the collection until this summer (and to keep anyone from printing clandestine cell phone pictures of the collection, which is exactly what Cathy Horyn of The New York Times did the day after Ford’s spring show.
Does that mean Horyn wasn’t invited? We don’t know for sure, though Ford told the Los Angeles Times he didn’t want to be “reviewed.” We don’t know what the clothes will look like, so we don’t know what the reviews will look like, either. (To be quite honest, we don’t know if the show even really happened.)
We don’t know anything about the show, except that no one is talking about it. There’s even a satirical little story about the show in London’s issue of The Daily, which proclaims “One can only imagine what wonderful things Mr. Ford could have done. A wistful moment with chain mail? Or colours inspired by, say, Goya?”
Unless someone is willing to break that non-disclosure agreement, we won’t know ’til summer.


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