Thursday, December 1, 2011


DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! By this time, you should all have researched and saved up for all the Christmas sales around your town and all the malls and at the net! Okay? Well, I'm the one saying and not doing! Haven't saved up due to the fact that I've been spending a lot lately! haha! So guys, I might post my WINTER FASHION LOOKS HERE! Get ready for that! Being in a tropical country, wearing fur is a risk but not a faux pas. So Imma go to Korea on their harshest season every year, WINTER! And December winter is the coldest! I don't have a chubby yet but I think my coat with fur collar will do just fine! I already stacked up on cardigans and sweaters. Is that enough? Answer me my international readers, I need tips here! I stacked up on oversized sunglasses and shields! I'm still thinking about the ski goggles, but I have a pair of shades that looked like the shades from Prada Fall 2011, is that enough? Haha!

Til next time my dear fashionable readers! Let's conquer the winter! And hope for summer ready beach bodies! Haha! :D

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