Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's my style????

I've been looking at my pictures for some time and also the ones where I posted for the "Today I'm Wearing..." series. And I've been thinking... I don't have a real personal style! I mean, it's all over the place! Well I know what you're thinking. It's ok, you can be country today and a bit rock and roll the next day and a dandy on the next day. But I've been more inclined to that rock and roll and I don't care I'll just do it look. Like one of these. Just ignore the other people on the picture. It was during a celebratory lunch for our successful event, the Quezon City Youth Summit for Tourism!

We actually all look good huh? Haha! Must be because we are in a college where dressing fashionably is everything (although there are some who dont! Ha!) I'm a tourism student you know! :D

So I had a very colorful powerful button down paired with a shirt and ripped up skinny jeans folded to see the calves and black and white brogues. It's that "I borrowed this from my boyfriend" look for the girls! Why don't you guys try it? The great thing is you can use heels or any shoes. You can use any print or color as long as you stick to the formula. Let me be your model! Haha! :D

Have a fashionable day everyone!
Ta-ta! :))

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