Thursday, November 10, 2011

So, you're proud now?

I just watched ANTM Cycle 17 All Star
So, ANTM trended #3 in the Philippines due to Georgina Wilson's tweet that she will appear in the said episode as the brand ambassador of Bench Body! And... EPIC FAIL! You know, I am so happy that it was a failure because I'm jealous! Haha! But really, it's such an epic failure

So the shoot was "clothing that Shannon won't wear" in a Greek salad theme. Bench Body sponsored the outfits, blah, blah! GEORGINA WILSON APPEARED FOR 5 SECONDS AND LABELED "WARDROBE STYLIST" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And then Andre Leon Talley asks in panel "What is that? Underwear? Lingerie?" The fact that Andre, ANDRE! doesn't know. Oh my God, Bench, you need me on your design team. Although since Tyra wants to salvage Bench, she answered "underwear that looks like a bikini."

It's such sad to be a Filipino while watching that. Good thing they didn't mention it. Although I was kinda proud to see Michael Cinco. Even though he has made a parade of prom dresses, that couture gown Anne Curtis was wearing on the September 2011 issue of Preview proved that he can step it up to the next level and be in the ranks of Mugler and Gaultier! Good luck Michael Cinco! :)

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