Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chanel sunnies + inexpensive and kinda unnecessary accessory = SUPER EXPENSIVE SUNNIES

Whew! That was a moutful of a title! Haha!
Well the Chanel 5202 sunglasses. Have you seen them? I have, for a long time! And it's quite... hmmm... boring!

I don't get why spend over 500 pounds for a pair of sunglasses with small mirror on the temples. I just don't get it. Well, it's Chanel. But, it's a classic shape and with thick temples, it will surely give you more protection for your eyes. I guess you can wear it for all centuries and can be passed down to your grandchildren. That's the beauty of Chanel, you can never put it in a "throw" pile. It can be for all seasons. Although the designs today are quite bland. I don't know, I'm expecting more trendyness from Chanel. Oh well, make it work! :)

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