Monday, July 16, 2012

Madonna in Ferragamo

It's been a while since I saw Madonna in a pair of sunglasses other than her MDG sunglasses. Not that it's bad but it's been there for a long time which proves how timeless the sunglasses are. Well, it seems she retired there for a few days (she wore MDG the next day haha!). She wore this going inside the Ritz Hotel (secretly hoping she was staying in the Coco Chanel suite!).

She was wearing a pair of black Ferragamo sunglasses SF 600s. Also spotted in the Spring 2012 campaign on Gisele Budchen in the color red.

They're not the most original pair of sunglasses design-wise. Everyone from Roberto Cavalli to high street shops like Zara and Topshops and even cheap drugstore sunglasses have these designs. But I guess it's that "Ferragamo" that screams on the temple that catches some peoples eyes. In the end, it's a great design that I'm sure people will still be buying. It has "classic" written all over it. Although that gap between the lens and the temples scream "THE UV RAYS WILL AGE YOUR EYES EVEN FASTER!" You can buy them here or here.

Photos courtesy of: Madonnarama, Otticanet, Sunglasses-shop, Google Images

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