Sunday, January 23, 2011


Here's the video on their site.


Kinda creepy no?

The song is Scheiße remix by Lady GaGa, an official track to Born This Way.
Scheiße is a German word for "Shit!" or "Fuck!"

Haha! GaGa, you sure know how to get away with it! :))

As for my review...

It's a lukewarm collection, not a hot collection.
Basically, I don't much like it. Credits to them for finding someone with a skeleton tattoo, ON HIS WHOLE BODY! Very... dedicated to body art I should say. Although that latex Mugler jacket GaGa was wearing and the model was wearing was in the fashion show but only in white. It looked good. The suits looks very bland without those latex gloves. At least make them dapper right? :)

Sorry, just not buying it.

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