Sunday, April 17, 2011


Valentino Garavani is out of Valentino, Calvin Klein is out of Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent was out of Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler is out of Thierry Mugler. Their similarities: THIS IS BY CHOICE! They felt the need to step out of their own labels to further enhance market reach by getting young designers as creative heads for their own labels.

But with John Galliano, it's different. HE WAS FIRED FROM HIS OWN LABEL. OUCH!

I mean that really hurt! I just felt it's ok to fire him in Dior but from his own label, come on! Give the man a break. I know he did a bad thing but he's human. Humans make mistakes. We still have no idea of why he was fired (but we can guess can't we?) I'm just so sad for him. He might make his own label again and start from scratch. I think he can't use his name anymore (it's owned by LVMH) maybe go for other names like Jeanne Galliano! :)) Just kidding!

As for the future of the label, the in-house design team is said to be in charge of producing collections now.

I love his designs and it's unfortunate for him to go out of rehab and be in hell by being unemployed. :(
Maybe you could design costumes for artists. I hear Madonna's coming for a new album and that means new tour. But I have a feeling Francesco Scognamiglio is being considered too. :)

Good luck John! :)

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