Saturday, April 23, 2011


Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 sunglasses
Chanel 4183

Chanel 4183 Dark Havana Beige C4363BChanel 4183 Dark Havana Beige C4363BPrada Spring Summer 2011 sunglasses
Prada 59MS
Prada 59MS Ivory ZVA6S1 

Prada 59MS Ivory ZVA6S1 
Tell me the big differences aside from the brand. Oh Prada! Prada! What are we gonna do with you? :))
I can tell you this, their prices are not far away. The Prada shades costs 210 GBP while the Chanel ones costs 219 GBP. I'd go for Chanel if you want elegance but go for the Prada ones if you want it big! :)
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