Saturday, September 10, 2011


Five tips for revamping your existing wardrobe
- I loved this article from Harper's Bazaar UK. It's a helpful article and should be printed and posted on your closet.
1. Simple changes can transform an item. Sam Robinson, co-owner of Holland Park boutique the Cross, changes the lining on her classic ChloƩ coat every year. "The whole point of luxury is that it's for keeps," she says. Alternatively, try raising the hem of your winter coat a few inches, in line with this season's length - just below the knee. (Then you can have them back to calf length ;)- Markness' own tip )

2. Invest in new-season accessories. Once you've altered your coat's length, try adding a skinny Miu Miu belt or a bold statement necklace. "Never wear vintage or classic pieces head-to-toe.," says Virginia Bates of vintage store Virginia. "A new-season shoe such as the thin heeled stiletto can do wonders for what you already have." (Invest in a trendy pair of sunglasses, go for Tom Ford or John Galliano, or even Miu Miu- Markness' own tip)

3. Repair old bags and shoes. Stores such as Gucci and Chanel provide an after-sales service that can repair and revamp bags. This even includes, as Bazaar's senior style editor Carmen Borgonovo found out, "My mother's 1970 Gucci bag - which they made look new again." Heels can be transformed at KG Shoes - the girls at Christian Louboutin's press office also send their heels there for mending.

4. Change buttons. Many designers will help with the replacement of loss ones. Harrods' fashion and beauty director Marigay McKee takes her vintage Chanel jackets to the label's boutique. "They'll charge about 100 GBP for eight to ten buttons, and your jacket then looks fabulous," she says. Also try the Button Queen, which stocks a range of military buttons - perfect for updating a simple navy blazer.

5. Be realistic about how much a piece can be altered. Letting out clothes, for example, is possible (try removing a trouser waistband for more room), but there are limits. Before you start mentally cutting and chopping, remember that for vintage pieces, alteration will affect the value. For a great service, Bazaar fashion editor Nathalie Riddle takes her Valentino jackets to Unique Tailored Alterations. (Or find a tailor you have grown a friendly relationship, one who know's your body so he/she can tailor fit your jackets, give you the best buttons and add-ons that he/she has and even get a discount. ;)- Markness' tip)

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