Friday, October 21, 2011

DVF's Rocky Start


DIANE VON FURSTENBERG has revealed her success in the fashion industry didn't come without a rocky start. The Belgian-Jewish designer married Prince Egon of Furstenberg at only 23 after falling pregnant while working in a clothing factory.
"I was humiliated, worried people would think I'd done it to get the 'best catch in Europe'," von Furstenberg told the Observer. "So I said to my boss: 'I'm getting married and moving to America, but before I go, can I learn how to make clothes?' And I stayed after work with the patternmaker, and that's how I got into fashion."
Von Furstenberg credits her mother (a Holocaust survivor with a "fear is not an option" attitude), for her strong and successful work ethic. Besides taking on her new role as a princess, the designer poured energy into her life in the fashion industry. And forty years on von Furstenberg still isn't ready to put her career to bed.
"I have given confidence to women [through clothes]," she says. "The word 'accomplished' makes you think with a full stop - I hope I am [still] accomplishing!"

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