Thursday, October 13, 2011


OK. I can't believe I typed Kanye West on my blog. Let alone a season and a year. So it's named DW by Kanye West DW means Donda West, name of her late mother.

I don't know if you'll believe me but I think there are people that will wear this. He went for the Balmain and Givenchy (that roaring tiger jacket) look which means it's been done before. There are also fur and all that but I can't see a whole ensemble being worn by someone. It would be like jacket from look#5 with pants from Look # 7 or something like that. Styling is mediocre. Oh well, it's his first attempt. So for fall 2012 we might be expecting more fur than we can chew. PETA will surely be adding a lot more percentage to Kanye West's douchebagginess. ;)

Ta! Ta!

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