Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Marc Jacobs is clearly distracted. Maybe it's because of Dior, we'll just never know. While Proenza Schouler was the Chanel Part 2 of Spring 2011, it seems Louis Vuitton is the Chanel Part 2 of Spring 2012. Not just starting with the carousel that was presented. In Chanel, there were 2 stories, just saying. The collection was so fun and so Chanel with that touch of Marc Jacobs for Vuitton! It looks like Marc presented his Resort show. You know, he loves the girly type in his resort shows for both Vuitton and his own house. When I look at it, it's like oh so Chanel.

Still a very fun collection that I might see more on the carpet and on the street and less on print unlike the Fall 2011 collection. It's a good thing you know. You sell clothes not make clothes for magazine. It's different. You earn on the former and you don't on the latter. Anyways, good job Marc! :D

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