Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Veiled Beanie!

I've been obsessing over those Stephen Jones for Jil Sander by Raf Simons veiled beanies that were shown on its Spting 2012 Runway. It can be bought here in the Philippines at Adora in Greenbelt 5 for whopping Php 20,000!!! So I decided to DIY! :)))

I simply followed the steps from Honestly WTF? Click here for instructions.

And the end results!

There you go! I've been wearing this with some of my outfits. I'll post it here and on my Lookbook page so watch out for that! :)


  1. where did you buy the beanie and the veil? i've been wanting to make one too hihi ;)

  2. Hi Stevencoco,

    The beanie is super old and no brand but I guess you can buy at SM Department Store or in Baguio? :))) The veil is from Divisoria, as in super tago kaya di ko na maalala.