Monday, September 17, 2012

Barbara's : Restaurant Review

Yes! You read that right! A restaurant review! Haha! No, I'm not gonna be all foodie in you. I don't know how to describe a food's taste. Haha. All I can describe are clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories. Haha.

Anyway, we went to this restaurant in Intramuros named Barbara's. It is just across the San Agustin Church.
Basically, it's a buffet with a show performance. It reminded me of my college days because we had a business plan wherein we proposed the same restaurant. Only, it's based on "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo." We were required a theme, which was the feel of our Dapitan fieldtrip. Since Jose Rizal was in exile, that's what we thought, Rizal's novels. Anyways, basically the buffet only had 4 courses. Fish fillet, Beef, Roasted Chicken, and Pancit. That was it. The dessert were coffee jelly, sponge cake, jelly with fruit, and the best bananacue ever. Haha. The bananacues were covered in sesame seeds and even had sesame inside (I think). Also the coffee jelly was delish, not too sweet which is always good. I have a sweet tooth but too much sweetness will leave you with a weird feeling of an aftertaste.

Anyways, we did not go for a second round on the buffet. Which is weird. I always go for a second round on buffets. Maybe there were two factors: the number of courses, and maybe they put something in the food to make you full. Haha.

For the performance, apparently the performers were scholars from some school that I did not catch because I was too busy playing with my cousin. Haha. They performed Filipino traditional dances. My only problem was the stage wasn't elevated. Traditional Filipino dances were all about the hand and the foot and unfortunately, we could not see the foot action. Especially on the tinikling. I did love, however, their interaction period wherein they would invite the audience to try and dance the tinikling. The people who tried it surely had fun.

The restaurant was made as one of the movements towards loving our own culture. As a UP student, I have seen and learned a lot about our culture that I came to appreciate it. While mainstream media does not allow you to do so, it's great that there are small movements like this happening. I'm sure when you come to visit this restaurant, you might gain a little more appreciation about the Filipino culture. A culture about smiles, having fun, and cooperation.

We paid for our dinner at a discounted rate through my aunt. She found like a bundle deal on the Internet. But I think, the rate is Php 545 per head. But if you look around the net, you might get them up to 50% off! What a bargain! ;)

PICS! (from my BlackBerry. Sorry! Haha!)


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