Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This blog is clearly turning into a sunglasses blog now doesn't it? But don't worry, I still love fashion! Amen Fashion! haha!

Anyways, have you seen the Anna dello Russo for H&M accessories collection? They are uber fierce. Knowing Anna Dello Russo, they have to be over the top! The cool thing is, they are H&M prices so you know they won't break the bank!

I just want to talk about the sunglasses because I am on the verge of wanting all of them. EVEN THE TURQUOISE TROLLEY WITH BAROQUE PRINTS!!!!!

Anyways, here are the sunglasses.
 They look like the Jeremy Scott Caesar sunglasses. Only with the chain! :)
 Lizards as eyebrows? yes please!
Oh okay. You style the with big gold headphones! I'll be looking for one!

IN THE IMMORTAL WORDS OF ANNA DELLO RUSSO: J'ADR! GET IT? It's J'adore but used ADR because it stands for... ANNA DELLO RUSSO! Love you ADR! Now let's release another sunglasses line with another high street like Topshop or even ALDO! Please make it happen my dear ADR! :))

Will you buy ADR x H&M? I will. On Ebay. Because there's no H&M here in the Philippines. :(

But I can still just look at them or DIY those lizard sunglasses. I don't know how. Haha!

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