Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blogging Burnout

You might notice that I've been posting less frequently lately. For two reasons:
1. Busy with my job (I'm working at a digital marketing company)
2. I think I'm having a blogging burnout.

What's blogging burnout? Basically, it means I have nothing to post. ( I haven't posted my Spring 2013 reviews yet, Haha!)

I read on http://www.lorensworld.com/life-work/avoid-blogging-burnout/ how to avoid blogging burnout.

Here are her tips:

  • Just UNPLUG. Yes, you read that right. Turn off your computer and go do something else. Something healthy or completely mindless. Go for a walk, hit up a yoga class, get a frozen yogurt – simply put: walk away.
  • Read an actual printed newspaper or magazine. Seriously! Remember magazines? The things before blogs? Sit down with that stack of neglected magazines, a glass of wine and read.
  • Ask your readers for ideas. Your readers are your biggest fans and they can help you avoid a blogging burnout more than anyone. So reach out and use the power of social media to kickstart ideas.
  • Write about the things you love – not just for clicks, but to share your passions.
  • Get out of town! Take a weekend trip away from it all. You’ll return refreshed and filled with stories (perfect for blogging).

Those are her tips to avoid a blogging burnout

There! Any other tips? :)

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