Monday, April 8, 2013

Beyonce's Cuban Trip Sunglasses

Beyonce in Dita Sunglasses
Beyonce in Norma Kamali Sunglasses

So during their fifth year anniversary, Jay-Z and Beyonce decided to visit Cuba to negative responses. Apparently, Americans can't go to Cuba for tourism. So there. BUT STILL, SHE WORE TWO SUNGLASSES THAT ARE ON MY SUNGLASSES WISHLIST! GOD I WISH I WAS RICH!

Anyways, here she is in Norma Kamali Square Cat Eye Sunglasses in Tokyo Tortoise
 ARRRGGGHHH! I love it! Looks super chic on her! Can't knock her despite that hair....

And then Beyonce changed clothes the next day and that includes sunglasses. Here she is in the Dita Magnifique sunglasses.

I love the color she chose. It's the perfect oversized wayfarer/cat eye hybrid sunglasses for me

Norma Kamali - 4 out of 5
Dita Magnifique - 4 out of 5


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