Sunday, April 21, 2013

STYLISH KIDS! #jealous

Yes! I just used a hashtag! That's how desperate I am for a trend! JOKE! Haha!

But seriously, I've been looking at stylish kids pictures all around the net. (Please don't judge me or jump to conclusions, I'm no pedo! Haha!) But seriously, I love it when kids discover at an early age about fashion. Something that didn't happen to me so more than half my life, I guess I wasn't stylish. So now, gush about these cute photos!


 Cute! And wow, she already has an Hermes bag??? WERK!

 HIHI! Too cute! Lil Chanel??
 Arrrggghhh! I wanna pinch him!
Mastering the selfie at such a young age!

You may have noticed that there is this one boy I keep featuring. His name is Alonso Mateo! Just Google him to swoon on more of his fashionable looks! I wish he was my kid or I'll adopt and give him the nicest clothes to the point of my bankruptcy! Haha!

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