Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Social media is everywhere. You will see that almost everyone you know either has a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest account. And with a lot of people connected on their social media accounts, businesses would like to take advantage of this. This is because putting a business in social media would mean faster and even more personal communication with your target market.

Social media also has, in a way, took over all the other marketing practices businesses usually do. It means that companies now do our marketing communication techniques on social media. Companies advertise on social media through online ads. They can do sales promotion by posting sales on their pages. They can even do PR by handling customer complaints and posting recent events in their social media page.

But with this great privilege comes great responsibility. The Internet, in a way, has put a blur when it comes to privacy especially on social media wherein people share their personal information. This means that companies should be careful as to what information they need to their target customers.

Here are our tips and advice to fully utilize social media to your advantage.
1. Choose the appropriate social media network based on your target audience. Your target market may be on Facebook, but they may not be on Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram.
2. When you have multiple social media accounts, link them together. Put your Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest links on your Facebook page and do the same on each page. This way, your target customers will know more about you.
3. Provide content and links on your social media page that will make them want to share, like, or retweet your updates. This will not only engage your fans to going back to your page but you might also get new fans from the shared photos or updates.
4. Post regularly. Whether on Facebook or Twitter, make sure you constantly post so that your fans will be constantly interested in what you have. But do not overpost or posting a lot of updates per day as your fans may get annoyed and unsubscribe to your page.
5. Put variety on your postings. If you just keep on posting about your products, your fans will think that you are just using your page to sell. Although this is true, you should know that your fans might have a different image of you. Make sure you keep it in a variety of ways. How about having a poll of which product they would like to buy, or a famous quote or jokes to keep them coming back for more?
6. Take advantage of trends. Use #hashtags and @mentions on your Twitter page so people gain awareness of your company.
7. Put promos on your social media page. It will entice your target customers to visit your page and eventually buy your product. Promos such as online offers can create awareness to your company.
8. Respond to your audience. Always respond to your audience in time. They might post a comment asking about the price or availability of your products. This will show that you truly care for your customers and they will become loyal customers to you.
9. Make contests and apps for your customers. Games and promos wherein they win a product will bring more audience to your page and create more buzz about your company. You might get a lot of customers from those people.

Source used: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2011/05/24/50-social-media-marketing-tips-and-tactics/

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