Tuesday, November 13, 2012



1. Start writing your resume. All of your experiences and the work you did whether voluntary or contractual, put them all down. Then, when you send them to different companies, tailor-fit your resume to the needs of the position. Some companies may not care that you were a volunteer at Gawad Kalinga so you can cut that part!

2. Learn how to write a cover letter. Cover letters are optional but they are a way of selling yourself to the company. It's because you do it in paragraph form and not in bullet form in a resume. Just make sure what you put in your cover letter reflects on your resume and make it short and simple, too.

3. Enter an internship. I've discovered that some courses in UP (my school) don't have internship programs but I suggest you do it as early as now. Different companies accept interns. You can even intern more than once if you have enough time even if you're not graduating at all. :)

4. Do an online job. You earn, they're part-time, they're (mostly) flexible... YOU CAN'T LOSE!
*You can put this on your resume, too.

5. Go to seminars. It depends on which industry you would like to go but as much as possible attend seminars and you can add them to you CV. It shows you are eager to learn and add more knowledge and skills to yourself.

6. Start browsing companies. Go to the "Careers" page of the companies you like and see if there are jobs you are interested in. Or just send your resume to their HR. I saw this quote on Forbes. "Pick where you want to work and take any job you can get there. Smart people will rise in any organization."

7.  Get a decent email. pretty_lorraine@yahoo.com or imaniceangel1421@gmail.com are definite turn-offs. Go for your full real name (e.g. audrey.hepburn@yahoo.com)

8. Start earning now. Usually employers will contact you like a month or so after you apply with a lot of resumes they are bombarded everyday so might as well earn while you wait. There are lots of easy ways to earn online. Start with ChurpChurp and Neobux. They pay small but cumulatively, they might just be enough to buy you a new piece of jacket or even a work wardrobe! :)

9. Apply more than once. Employers get thousands of resumes so might as well apply more than once. Apply on Jobstreet (or any other job portal), on their HR email, or even go to their office and send your resume personally. Be annoyingly persistent. Follow-up on your application to show you really want to work for them.

10. Have faith. Well this you have no control. If you are not sure in which direction you are going, that's fine and normal but of course think quickly as you might just be shocked at how time and even your colleagues passed you by.

That's all for now! Ta-ta! Happy Job Hunting everybody! :D


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