Friday, November 23, 2012

Je suis desolee

Hi! I know it's been more than a week since I last blogged. Forgive me. I've been very busy at work. Haha. Basically what I did was research and some marketing proposals. And it's no joke. :) I hope you understand. Yes, I am working at a marketing agency. I can really see myself in this field. Let's just see where life takes me with this.

Having said that, it doesn't mean that I'm not updated with what's happening. Which is why I love Twitter so much! Did you follow me yet? @itssomarkness and also follow @les_biches ok? I tweeted some fashion scoop!

Like we all know that Nicholas Ghesquiere parted ways with Balenciaga. How sad. And they say it has something to do with internal conflicts between PPR. Meaning, the budget cuts for the brand and how it will affect the direction Nicholas wants it to take. Also, the conflict between creativity and sales. As well as that issue with Hedi Slimane's freedom at YSL, even though the collection was not critically acclaimed. While Balenciaga's Spring 2013 drew raves from all fashion editors.

I think it's a big loss. His collections were always my favorites. They were avant garde with a touch of wearable. And I've been dreaming of getting myself a Balenciaga leather jacket.

But, the strange thing is that Christopher Kane parted ways with Versus. It really strengthened the rumours that maybe Kane is in the running to become the new creative director of Balenciaga. Although he has denied this, the fashion world is still keen to believe Christopher Kane is in negotiations.

Meanwhile, Karl Lagerfeld says that Nicholas should have his own line. And I agree! Go Nicholas! haha!

Also, as for updates about me, next week I'll be posting about a new pair of sunglasses I bought (you would be shocked! I swear! haha!), maybe one or two outfit post (I miss lookbook) and some updates on fashion and maybe the trends for next year.

Also, I was invited to Do try to check it out. My link is . Shocking!

I'm also excited for next year because my sorta kinda retail venture, Les Biches, will be stocking new sunglasses. Yes, Les Biches (pronounced "le bish" ok?) is a sunglasses shop. Basically, I'll be choosing sunglasses I like and sell them. So far, I've sold pixelated frames, vintage sunglasses, shield sunglasses, and party rock sunglasses. Go to the site here. I plan on having like combination of metal and plastic frames. So far, this for the Philippines only. I have yet to start with international shipping. :)

Stay tuned!

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