Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 BAFTA Awards

I must say, I'm quite disappointed with the fashion here. A lot of black, but the color was really COLOR!!!! You know I'm a sucker for color. If I could only dress up like Rainbow Bright without looking silly, I would do it! Haha!

Anyways, my best dressed IS SOOOO CONSISTENT! It's still Marion Cotillard in Dior Couture. My other girl, Nicole Kidman was absent because she was in LA for the Grammys. Anyways, let's do this now! Haha!
 Marion Cotillard in Dior Couture - I love her face in the first pic! So cute! Why so hot??? Even the necklace, I love! I love everything about this look. I'm hoping she'll be at the Oscars (she's not nominated for anything :( ) But still, good job Marion! Consistent in Dior Couture but still wowing the fashion critics! Haha!
 Elizabeth Olsen in Chanel Couture- Because it's Chanel, it's gorgeous. And yes it is! I love her and I love this dress! :)
Andrea Riseborough in Vivienne Westwood Couture- Another lemon stunner! Love the dress but her face looks ghostly, I don't think she needs anymore foundation. She's white as she is...

 Sarah Jessica Parker in Elie Saab- Ooooh! Disappointed! Business casual! Ok fine.
 Alice Eve in Alessandra Rich - WRONG EVENT! The Grammys is in LA. Although I love the dress, I wish she wore this some place else. ;)
 Amy Adams in Elie Saab- This is a black look I will give a pass. She looks sexy obviously and sophisticated with the hair!
 Anne Hathaway in Burberry- Kinda lukewarm on this... I don't know. What do you guys think? :)

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture- She looks sick. And apparently she's a little bit under the weather and the fact that it was raining... GURL HEALTH IS WEALTH! She looks okay, go and rest na!
 Helen Mirren in Nicholas Oakwell Couture- Best in Happiness! Open Happiness! Next Coca Cola Ambassador! Choz! Love the fact that she's still having fun with fashion!!

 Jessica Chastain in Roland Mouret- GORGEOUS!!!! Love the color on her! Ooooh chow! This girl is on fire! Who is she gonna wear at the Oscars????? :)))
Jennifer Garner in Roland Mouret - If SJP thought the BAFTAs was a business luncheon, Jennifer thought it was a PTA meeting. Matronly much?

Photos from: Getty, Google Images, thehollywoodreporter.com

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