Thursday, February 14, 2013


Now, this is the most awaited part of Prada campaigns, the video part. It started with Spring 2010 and revolutionized high fashion campaign (as Prada always does)

I know you've seen the runway show. Full of flowers, Japanese influence and those shoes. So it's up to the video campaign to make you lust for the collection. Remember Spring 2011? I super hated the collection except for the sunglasses and the shoes and the video made me love the whole collection. My fave so far is Spring 2012.

So, with all the flowers in the collection, it's quite appropriate that flowers was the topic of the campaign. I must say, I love Sasha Pivovarova in this. Even in motion, she's fierce and adorable!!! Watch the video and tell me if you get the meaning of the video. I've watched it countless times and still I don't get it. Tell me if you do. Haha!

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