Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

So we all know Kate Middleton delivered a healthy baby boy last Monday and now she leaves the hospital and let the whole world take a glimpse at the royal baby. There are still no names but people are leaning towards "George." I want  it to be "Mark Joseph" like mine. Haha! But usually, royalties are given just one name. If it has to be one name, it has to be iconic. Why not "Markness"? HAHAHA!

Anyways, Kate wore a CUSTOM MADE JENNY PACKHAM DRESS! I never expected anything less. Ikaw na talaga, Kate! Haha! She wore a baby blue (like her husband) polka dot dress. Princess Diana also wore a polka dot dress when they presented Prince William to the world. Hahaha.

Loves it!

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