Monday, July 1, 2013

The Quay to looking good!

So you guys know that I love sunglasses, right? Right? Haha!
Alright, I'm obsessed with sunglasses.
Well, here's Quay Eyeware! I super love this brand. I mean, they're stylish, and they don't break the bank. They're super affordable. As you will see in my Instagram, I am obsessed with their houndstooth pair. So yeah, they deliver to the Philippines. Yay!

How Two Live, one of my fave blogs, is having a giveaway with Quay. 4 sunnies! Can you believe it? You could imagine the smile on my face! Haha! And also a Skype session with Jess and Stef. I don't know what to ask but it's just 5 minutes so I guess I'll just chat with them like we're close. HAHA!

Visit and shop Quay!
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