Thursday, January 19, 2012

In defense of Madonna

I love Madonna ok?
So, there let's get things straight.
I don't get why people are so angry that she's 53 years old and still singing and all that. Why?
WHY? When you turn 53, you'll stop working? Of course you won't and so will her.

Her career is based on sex. It was only in the early 90's people. After that, she went to "Bedtime Stories" then probably the best pop album ever, "Ray of Light" IT WAS FOR PUBLICITY. What? The other popstars didn't do it. LET'S FACE IT, SEX SELLS.

SHE'S OLD AND UNTALENTED. But there are still fans that love her. That's what gets her going. Money is always in there no matter what you do. Nothing's for free you know. You download free music but to do that you need internet and electricity which you pay. so there, we're slaves to money.

SHE'S IRRELEVANT NOW. The reason she gets less airplay is the "Madonna ban" on 2003. When George W. Bush proclaimed that she was "anti-American" but Madonna was "anti-war." Madonna does not support "THE FACT THAT AMERICA AND IRAQ ARE FIGHTING AND INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE KILLED." Radio stations were banned to play Madonna songs and I don't know why but until now they do it. SO STUPID.

SHE HAS KIDS, STOP IT. She has tamed it down didn't she. Yes, those outfits in Sticky and Sweet tour were a tad bit... revealing but so what? It was for fashion. As for the kids, yes, there might be some trauma involved but I think with Madonna's overprotectiveness they'll be fine. She doesn't adopt for attention. People should not be blinded by hate for someone when that person is doing something good. I'd rather you'd ignore her than say hateful words. You're just wasting time and effort.

So there. I know I might get haters here but I hope you'll understand. I'm sure you have those artist you will defend til the end. :)))

So, I'm cool with it. Are you? :D

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