Monday, January 2, 2012

Is Marc Jacobs dating a pornstar?

So, rumors are Marc Jacobs is dating Brazilian pornstar Harry Louis.
We hardly need to wonder why, but it seems Marc Jacobs has quite a penchant for Brazilian booty.
A year after his split from Lorenzo Martone, the designer is at the centre of rumours that he is now dating porn star Harry Louis.
A photograph of the famed designer looking cosy at a Paris party with the adult film actor has led to much-hyped speculation about the nature of their relationship.
According to Brazilian gossip site GPSBrasilia, New York-based Mr Jacobs, 50, met the youthful and exotic-looking Mr Louis, 24, in his hometown of London.

Here are some of Harry's tweets over the past month:
November 27th
Had a great weekend, and even better, such a great sex, and a great dinner… Cannot mention his name, but I can say, it's the hottest ever!
November 28th
What a great weekend thanks to the sweetest guy on earth, Marc Jacobs , see you soon in Paris baby… X
December 10th
Good morning y'all… So, today it's the big day… I will meet with the who has turned my world upside down. Counting the mins to kiss him.
December 12th
See you soon Paris… Loved every single minute of it, and yeah, I'm in love again… It feels nice, and I'm so happy!!

Goodluck on your lovelife Marc!!!! May you two be haooy if you are in a relationship. :)

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